Reflection Paper:
After completing this unit on media, I have come to learn and realize a lot about media in the world and how media has personally affected me. It first made me come to realize how much media I consume on the daily. It turns out that I, as well as most teenagers, use media through social media and entertainment systems regularly on a day to day basis through personal devices. Having access to this much media has truly impacted my life. I listen to music, watch movies and television, chat with friends, and find out information all through media sources. If I didn't have this instant satisfaction or access to these resources, my life would be completely different. However, I have now become aware of how companies are using this amount of media consumption to benefit themselves. For example, I am now noticing advertisement techniques all over media to sell new products. Such as when I watch shows and movies, I now notice product placement everywhere, as if entertainm…

Meaning Behind The Song, "Lose You to Love Me"

The release of the song and music video, "Lose You to Love Me" By Selena Gomez, has definitely caused drama and chatter throughout the media. This is due to many of the lyrics in the song to seemingly relate to Justin Bieber and his and Selena's past relationships. After almost a decade of their on and off relationship, they officially broke up in March of 2018. Only a few months after the breakup, Bieber started dating Hailey Rhode Baldwin, and by July 2018 the two were engaged and married in September. Many fans all over the media were curious about how Selena was reacting to all of this news until she released her single and music video, "Lose You to Love Me", which seemed to express her feelings about Justin and his new relationship.  After Selena's black and white music video went up on youtube, she left a comment stating: "This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album, I want people to feel hope…

Misrepresentation: Sexism in Hollywood

Sexism and stereotypes towards women are presented frequently in Hollywood productions. These hurtful stereotypes shown through women's roles on tv shows and movies set sexist standards for women and young girls who watch them. One of these being that motherhood is a women's ultimate goal in life. In the show Friends, Monica was a hardworking and successful chef, but instead of her opening up her own chain of restaurants, or becoming a famous chef during the ending seasons, they instead made her a mother of two. This is due to Hollywood frequently believing that women's ultimate goal in life is to be a mother to adorable children. Another example of sexism in movies can be seen through beauty standards and fat-shaming women.  It seems that fat women can't just be regular women. In Hollywood productions, plus-size women only care about their weight or beauty standards and their entire personalities are mostly worried about this. This can be seen through the character of…
A show that I love and enjoy watching is Dance Moms. I have seen every season beginning to end, and have seen all the girls learn and grow on the show. However, what I find the most interesting from this show is the new episodes and season. With Abbey coming back from jail, as well as recovering from her near-death experiences with cancer and losing mobility in her legs, her motives and point of view were turned upside down for her all-new replaced elite team. Many changes occurred this season that added lots of drama and plot twists. One of these was having a boy being a full-time dancer on her usual all-girl team for the first time in history. Even though the boy( Brady Farrar) was a very talented dancer who gave Abbey's team a new edge, Abbey stated that she didn't want to put "all her eggs in one basket" referring to her past star pupil and now famous celebrity Maddie Ziegler. In previous seasons, Maddie was Abbey's favorite dancer and gave her more opportuni…

Fox News vs CNN different language being used to talk about the impeachment

Based on the recent impeachment hearings, the language being used in news media between CNN and Fox News presents differing views of the relevance and facts being presented. Views presented in CNN reports seem more supportive of the impeachment process and potential success while on the other hand, Fox News presents views that are more critical of the impeachment process through their more liberal views. For example, Fox News report states that president trumps ratings have improved since the impeachment hearings have begun. This reflects a more negative view towards the legitimacy of the impeachment process against the president. On the other hand, the CNN report provides more attention towards the impeachment hearings and Pelosi's views.

Fox News:


negative social media experiences being the cause of depression

Through different surveys, studies have shown that negative media experiences have impacted social media users way more than positive experiences have. It was proven that every 10 percent increase in negative social media experiences have caused a 20 percent increase of people reporting depressive symptoms. As for positive media experiences, each 10 percent increase in positive experiences on social media was connected to only a 4 percent decrease in odds of depressive symptoms. Through this we can see that humans were made to be affected more by negative experiences rather than positive ones. This study was done on a targeted audience of 18-30 year old's due to this age being  more independent in which caring more about what others think about them socially. During this servery, it was also proven that women had a 50% higher chance of experiencing depressive symptoms due to media experiences then men. Along with non-white people who haven't gone or completed college being mor…

specific advertisement techniques used in Kellogg's commercial

Kellogg's tomorrow commercial The Kellogg’s commercial, Kellogg’s: Tomorrow, uses many advertisement techniques to portray a central message for the targeted audience. The overall message that the advertiser wanted the audience to feel was the idea that eating Kellogg's cereal is the key to having a good successful day and will overall make you the best version of yourself. This idea is portrayed through the advertising techniques including: simple solution, the need to achieve, plain folks, and transfer/association. The one simple solution provided in the commercial was the idea that to make your busy day easier and more successful, you need to start your day by eating Kellogg's cereal. “Eat this cereal and you will have a successful day that will make you the best version of yourself”. The need to achieve aspect in this commercial can be seen through the idea that Kellogg’s cereal helps you succeed and accomplish difficult activities. The technique of “plain folks” is use…